Everything I know about sales, I learned from Jeffrey Gitomer.


Gitomer AvatarI run several successful businesses and I learned everything I know about sales from one guy–Jeffrey Gitomer.
I discovered Jeffrey when a friend suggested I read The Little Red Book of Selling. I was hooked! That book is now the best selling book on sales of all time. Reading that book changed the way I think about sales, customers, and being a person of sales. It also helped me understand the steps toward building a strong foundation of connections and how to make sales for life! 
As a result of putting Jeffrey’s ideas into practice, my phone rings and I hear from prospects who WANT to talk to me.
Before reading Jeffrey’s book, I looked down on the title of “salesperson”.  Now, I understand the real difference between a bloodsucking sales hack and a salesperson who delivers real value in genuine service of their customer.
Which one are you?
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Gitomer Sales Training

Gitomer Certified Advisor, Emily Journey, offers four professional sales training workshops based upon Jeffrey Gitomer’s best-selling books.

Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude Classroom Workshop

Yes Attitude CourseA pep talk lasts a day – a YES! Attitude lasts a lifetime. Invest in your people, not just your program, by fostering a team of self-driven superstars who are consistently happy, pumped up, and performing at the top of their game.
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Little Red Book of Selling Classroom Sales Training

Team Sales CourseThe top selling sales book of all time comes alive in this full day course that produces business people – not salespeople – who can build profitable relationships using ideas and value instead of outdated tricks and tactics.
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Little Black Book of Connections Classroom Workshop

Networking CourseHigher revenue begins with your team’s ability to network and connect with creativity and confidence. Give them the systems, ideas, and skills they need to grow relationships and earn referrals quickly. This half-day workshop based on Jeffrey Gitomer’s successful book contains everything you need to know about connecting, so that your little black book will become a success tool, not just a numbers database.

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Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless Classroom Sales Training

Customer Service TrainingThe definitive course on Customer Service. Shift your team’s paradigm forever on how they see and serve your customers. The outcome of this course can be summed up in three words – “customers for life.”

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About Emily

Emily Journey is a writer, speaker, and selling advisor mentored by Jeffrey Gitomer. She helps business leaders and sales teams leverage technology for social impact and increased sales. In addition to representing Jeffrey Gitomer’s Workshop series, she is a WordPress and Social Media Marketing instructor.
Call Emily at (614) 686-3232 to get your sales training questions answered. Or, email her at Emily@salesartisan.com.

How to make more sales with email marketing

email marketingLet me guess. You’d like to stop cold calling and you’ve heard email marketing is an effective way to increase your sales. You’re not sure where to start and you don’t want to come off spammy or annoy your existing clients.
If you connect successfully with new prospects and existing customers via email, you will increase your sales. Say goodbye to cold calling.
Here are some practical tips and resources to get you started on the right foot.


I know it sounds crazy. Everybody sends newsletters, right? Isn’t that what email marketing is all about? Sending out your awesome, information packed newsletter to the entire world?
Forget newsletters.
Think about the newsletters you receive in your own inbox. Do you read them? Do you even open them? There are very few newsletters that I do not just delete. There is one newsletter that I actually want to get every week. It’s called Sales Caffeine from Jeffrey Gitomer. I’ve created a special folder for it. I really like his ideas and he always has good stuff. But, you know what happens? I see it in my inbox and then I tell myself that I’ll read the newsletter later. It gets filed in a special email folder. I tell myself I’ll read it when I have time. LOL! In reality, 90 percent of those newsletters don’t get read. Some of my favorite newsletters never even get to my inbox. I have an email filter set up to deliver them directly into their own special folder. Bottom line: even when your customer wants to hear from you, they don’t have the time to read your newsletter. So, don’t be the newsletter guy. Do something else.

Here’s what you do instead

Send a short email–3 to 4 sentences long–with a link to valuable and practical information.
An email that can be read in full very quickly gets read in full.
If those 3 or 4 sentences promise interesting answers when that link is clicked, then it’s more likely to be clicked. It doesn’t even have to be a link to your own blog or online content. What matters is that you become a valued resource to your prospects and clients. You’re the guy that sends out stuff worth reading!

In your short email, pose an interesting question or problem. Your reader will find the promised answer or solution when they click on your link. This is where really knowing your customer comes into play. You know the questions and the concerns of your particular customer. I have website design customers and they frequently ask, “Do I need a blog for my business website?” I have an article I’ve written to answer to that question and what I’ll do is send them an email with a link to that article on my website. While they are on my website, they will naturally see more about my services and how to work with me.


There’s no point in sending out email if it’s not going to be read. There are couple of ways to avoid the spam box. First, I suggest avoiding Constant Contact for sending email. I’ve noticed that Constant Contact email usually ends up in my spam box. The other thing about Constant Contact is that it produces unattractive emails. The emails have that look I associate with advertising and newsletters–kind of box-ish and dated. I’ve been using a great email program called Ace of Sales. It has the ability to create great looking newsletters but I never use it for that. Instead, I use it for sending follow-up emails and helpful articles to my clients. I’m able to track my email opens to see if they’re getting read and my open rate is over 50%. That’s way above average. I have a high open rate because I am very careful about who I put on my list–also, I think it’s because the emails I send arrive in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

I’ve sent fewer than average emails in the last 60 days, but here’s what I’ve got:

AoS Tracker
Another important thing: there are certain words in your subject line that will automatically flag your email as spam. Yes, there are certain words that, if you type them into the subject line of an email, they will be automatically flagged as spam by most email clients. Words such as “new” and “sale” and “help” in your subject line will be flagged as well as ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points!!!


My email list is is not terribly impressive in numbers but the people who are on my list want to receive my email and every person on my list opted-in to receive an occasional email from me. Isn’t it annoying when you meet someone at a networking event (or maybe somebody picked up your business card and you didn’t even meet them) and then all of a sudden you’re getting their newsletter? Give me a break! You may or may not be interested in what they have to offer but regardless they added your name to their email list without asking.
You really only want quality contacts on your list who want to hear from you. Think long-term connection instead of being annoying in the short-term. In the end, having an opt-in only list makes your list smaller but more powerful and that’s really what you want. It’s good to know exactly who is in your corner and interested because uninterested people are not really your potential customer.


How do you get people to say “Yes, send me email.” The answer is simple:

  • Ask in a straighforward manner
  • Be irresistible by creating awesome videos or articles with great photos or graphics.
  • Create content that is interesting particularly to your clients and prospects
  • Invite people one at a time to view your videos or articles and ask them if they’d like to get more ideas or tips or recipes–whatever it is you have to offer that will develop a following.

Many people will say “yes” because you are delivering high value instead of selling or spamming them.

Did you find this article helpful? My goal is to deliver value to your business every week.

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How to use Twitter to increase sales

Twitter JPEGImagine what it would be like if you could whisper helpful advice, words of wisdom and company information into your potential customers’ ears several times a day. Your customers would want to hear from you, they would wait for your message, and if they thought it was good, they would repeat it to their friends. Imagine you could convey these messages multiple times a day to thousands of people, it would be welcomed, and it would all be for FREE.

Believe it or not, this scenario does exist for sales professionals, and the avenue where this happens is called Twitter.

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Sales strategies that defend your price

We’ve all encountered those challenging customers. The customers that make their buying decisions based solely on price. They collect bids from a handful of competitors with similar products and award the business to the lowest bidder. Sales professionals blame the lost sale on either a high price or cheap buyer.

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5 Ways sales professionals can increase Facebook Likes

Increase Facebook Likes

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