Gitomer Sales Training

Gitomer Certified Advisor, Emily Journey, offers four professional sales training workshops based upon Jeffrey Gitomer’s best-selling books.

Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude Classroom Workshop

Yes Attitude CourseA pep talk lasts a day – a YES! Attitude lasts a lifetime. Invest in your people, not just your program, by fostering a team of self-driven superstars who are consistently happy, pumped up, and performing at the top of their game.
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Little Red Book of Selling Classroom Sales Training

Team Sales CourseThe top selling sales book of all time comes alive in this full day course that produces business people – not salespeople – who can build profitable relationships using ideas and value instead of outdated tricks and tactics.
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Little Black Book of Connections Classroom Workshop

Networking CourseHigher revenue begins with your team’s ability to network and connect with creativity and confidence. Give them the systems, ideas, and skills they need to grow relationships and earn referrals quickly. This half-day workshop based on Jeffrey Gitomer’s successful book contains everything you need to know about connecting, so that your little black book will become a success tool, not just a numbers database.

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Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless Classroom Sales Training

Customer Service TrainingThe definitive course on Customer Service. Shift your team’s paradigm forever on how they see and serve your customers. The outcome of this course can be summed up in three words – “customers for life.”

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About Emily

Emily Journey is selling advisor personally trained by Jeffery Gitomer. In addition to representing Jeffrey Gitomer’s Workshop series, she is a WordPress and Social Media Marketing instructor. Her clients are diverse and range from individual freelancers/consultants to leaders responsible for sales teams of 5 to 35. They all have one thing in common: a desire for more SALES!
Call Emily at (614) 686-3232 to get your sales training questions answered. Or, email her at

Photographers: Get confident about the price of your work.

cartoon underpaidFirst, let me just put this out there– I am not a photographer. I am a selling consultant, trainer, and fine art sculptor. I create sculptures based upon photography. I work with photographers because my sculptures depend upon great photography. I talk to a lot of photographers at trade shows and over the phone and I hear what they have to say about the difficulties of becoming profitable. As artists, we face similar difficulties and challenges in communicating the value of our work. I’m fortunate to have a strong business and sales background to help me sell my own work. Here are some ideas to help you get confident about the price of your work.

Get serious.

If you’re still referring to photography as something you ‘just do on the side’ or as a hobby, then you’re going to have difficulty making your work profitable. Nobody wants to pay for your hobby. Choosing photography as your profession for the love of it does not have to be in conflict with profitability. You can enjoy your work and be very serious about it and expect to make money doing it.
Note: presenting yourself as a professional is completely unrelated to the quality of your work. So, even if you think your work isn’t great, stop putting yourself down as a hobbyist when you know deep down inside you want to be a superstar.

Take inventory of your value.

What’s so special about you and your work?
You must be able to answer this question for others and for yourself.
The value of your work is not communicated by your portfolio alone. Get it clear in your own mind before you open your mouth. This is super important because . . .

You’re going to hear “NO” even more now that your prices are going up.

That’s right. Your prices are going up and more people are going to wince or say, “let me think about it” which really means “no”.
This is one of the hardest mental and emotional leaps to make for a growing professional. I still get disappointed when one of my proposals gets rejected or, more likely, ignored. But, I quit questioning my price and the value of my work.
It turns out that not everyone is my customer.
Imagine that!
When the price of my work was low or even free. Then everyone could be my customer and I never had to hear “no”.  I became very busy and customers were no less demanding. I didn’t have the time I needed to seek out customers who would pay me more.
When I decided to raise my price significantly then some people lost interest.
My initial reaction was to panic. I went back on my commitment to myself and started lowering my price again. I found myself in the same situation: very busy but no money to show for it. It’s still hard for me to accept that some people are not my customers.
It’s especially difficult when I’m excited about working with someone and the project sounds especially interesting. It turns out there is always a new project. Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s not. But I get paid for the value of my work. I’m just as busy as I used to be, but my time is spent differently. It’s divided differently. I have slightly fewer customers.
I have more time to engage in activities required to connect with my ideal customer–the one who truly appreciates my work.

To view Emily’s sculptures and learn how you can become an Evergraph partner, visit her website at

Gather Testimonials

Does anybody have anything positive to say about your work and working with you? The key to gathering testimonials is timing. Never ask for a testimonial before you delivered great service. Always ask for a testimonial after you’ve delivered a great service and product. If you’ve exceeded expectations then your customer might already be raving about you! Document it. Sometimes people will tell you how happy they are with with your work and that’s your cue to say, “Thank you. May I include your comment in my collection of testimonials?”
You wouldn’t skimp on your portfolio, would you? An excellent collection of testimonials can be just as powerful as your portfolio in winning business. They can be the deciding factor when it’s between you and another photographer. Anyway, your customers are getting so much more than what they see in your portfolio. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by the strengths that other people point out.
Testimonials are great confidence booster and validate your efforts to receive a fair price for your work.

Mind your own business.

This is what Jeffrey Gitomer calls resigning your position as general manager of the universe.
The financial priorities of your customers are none of your business. I aways find it strange when I hear a photographer say, “My customers would never pay that much.” I think, “Then, get new customers!”
Ability to pay and willingness to pay are completely different things. I’m no expert on anyone else’s ability to pay.
The sculptures I make are expensive. They’re not expensive because I’m greedy and proud. They’re expensive because I make a large investment of time, skill, and resources in every piece. Each piece is valuable and my customers are the people who agree with me on that point.
When an elderly woman of sound mind handed me a check for my work and asked me to hold the check for a few days until her social security income was deposited, I did just that. I did not wonder if I was doing the right thing or inquire about her ability to pay me. I was honored that my work meant so much to her. My customers come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common: they value my work.
Imagine the difference it would make to you if your customers placed a high value on your work.

About Emily

Emily Journey is an artist and she helps business leaders and their teams attract customers. She is among a small group of advisors personally trained by Jeffery Gitomer. In addition to representing Jeffrey Gitomer’s Workshop series, she is a WordPress and Social Media Marketing instructor. Her clients are diverse and range from individual freelancers/consultants to leaders responsible for sales teams of 5 to 35. They all have one thing in common: a desire for more SALES!
Call Emily at (614) 686-3232 to get your sales training questions answered. Or, email her at

Everything I know about sales, I learned from Jeffrey Gitomer.

Gitomer AvatarI run several successful businesses and I learned everything I know about sales from one guy–Jeffrey Gitomer.
I discovered Jeffrey when a friend suggested I read The Little Red Book of Selling. I was hooked! That book is now the best selling book on sales of all time. Reading that book changed the way I think about sales, customers, and being a person of sales. It also helped me understand the steps toward building a strong foundation of connections and how to make sales for life! 
As a result of putting Jeffrey’s ideas into practice, my phone rings and I hear from prospects who WANT to talk to me.
Before reading Jeffrey’s book, I looked down on the title of “salesperson”.  Now, I understand the real difference between a bloodsucking sales hack and a salesperson who delivers real value in genuine service of their customer.
Which one are you?
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Cartoon Effective Questions
Have you ever wished that you could have Jeffrey Gitomer’s real world sales training webinars and sales answers with you all the time – on demand?
Now you can with GitomerVT!
GitomerVT is a web based, interactive sales training resource that contains

  • 25 sales training webinars,
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View  and listen to Jeffrey as he personally delivers the training and confidence sales people need to be successful.  His entire online library is at your fingertips at all times through your PC, tablet, and/or smartphone. And, the sales training library is continually updated as Jeffrey records new videos and content! GitomerVT is an ongoing source of sales motivation and personal inspiration.
Access is available to individuals and teams.

Use this form to get 5 days of free access and receive a coupon code to get your set-up fee waived. (Or, contact Emily Journey for a demonstration and 5 free days of access for your entire team.)

Featured Gitomer Certified Advisors | Part I

This is the first in an ongoing series featuring Gitomer Certified Advisors and their diverse professional experience.
As a member of the inaugural class of Gitomer Certified Advisors, I am privileged to be counted among a group of professional leaders for whom I have great respect. Something that especially stands out for me is the wide range of experiences we each bring to the table.
Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with a few GCA’s and I made a point of learning more about the diverse experiences that make them effective leaders. I asked,

What is it about your experience that has prepared you the most for your work as a Gitomer Certified Advisor?

Karl Fauss“For many years I have been hiring, training and coaching sales consultants. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and the sales profession gave me the opportunity to have my own business. Even though I was an employee, I was paid a piece of the profits which made me a partner in the business. Doing everything with an entrepreneurial spirit makes me uniquely qualified to bring the Jeffrey Gitomer message of value and Yes Attitude to a wider audience.” –Karl Fauss, Training Team USA

One GCA has experienced tenure in all aspects of sales and service with the The Home Depot. “Having started as an associate I worked my way to management at The Home Depot. I have seen what works and what does not by listening to our customers. From selling a lawn mower, to ensuring an entire store exceeds its sales plan, I know what what works–Customer Service. My real-life ongoing practice of the principles I’ve learned from Jeffrey Gitomer continue to be an invaluable asset when I am training others in sales and customer service.”–Shane Harvey

PaulKimbel“I believe that sales is life. I’ve been selling all my life, from the start it was getting the toy I wanted, then as a kid I sold greeting cards to get my brother birthday present. In college I worked in the mall shops, and formal sales roles post college. Over those years, I learned that if you’re communicating with another person (family members, coworkers, friends, etc…) you’re always selling, whether its a small idea, getting your spouse to say yes, or a big contract. I was taught a lot of the traditional sales techniques and they kind of worked but felt dirty. In 2004, I read Jeffrey’s Little Red Book of Selling and immediately became his student. I’ve consumed all of Jeffrey’s books, CDs, and videos multiple times and as a sales leader used his philosophies to coach individuals and teams to success. His philosophies helped me turn poor performers into exceptional sellers and eagle sellers into soaring eagles. Since I was a kid I’ve always had goals and I’ve achieved them. As one goal is achieved I add a new one. Since my first Jeffery Gitomer seminar, my goal is to take what I’ve learned from Jeffrey and teach as many as I can so they can exceed their personal success expectations. As a Gitomer Certified Advisor this is the perfect platform for me to take what I’ve done for others and to help you amaze yourself in what you can accomplish.”Paul Kimbel, Your Secret Weapon for Success. Jump into the folds of life and visit Paul at

Chris LischyGitomer Certified Advisor, Chris Lischy says, “I see dollars as votes. In the past 24 years, my customers have voted for me – over my competition – 250 million times. A quarter of a billion dollars in personal sales. Wow, right?
But here’s the reality. I didn’t win over $750M during that time period. It’s those deals where I learned the most about how perceived valuable – in the eyes of the customer – is everything.
When I sit with salespeople now, as a Gitomer Certified Advisor, I speak to that specific challenge. “How do you want to be perceived, how do you think you are perceived and how are you perceived, as valuable to your customer, versus your competition?”
I have had the experiences, built the knowledge and made the right choices to have enough sales wisdom and be measurably valuable to other salespeople and more than ready to help others achieve their sales goals.” –Chris Lischy, Writer, Speaker, and Coach –

Thanks to the GCA’s who permitted me to quote them for this article. To learn more about available Workshops based on Jeffrey Gitomer’s best-selling books, check out Gitomer Sales Team Training.